Sustainable Alternatives to Unfettered Offshore Drilling

This month, our CEO (Joanna Malaczynski) was invited to write a blog article for the Surfrider Foundation on offshore drilling (pressure is now building to expand drilling offshore on the East and West Coasts).  You can view the full article—“Sustainable Alternatives to Unfettered Offshore Drilling” at the following link:

The Elephant in the Room: Dealing with Change in Sustainable Product Development

Let’s face it. Underlying any efforts to green your product, increase the sustainability of your organization or boost your environmental efforts is one common factor: change. Change is not for the queasy or the faint of heart. It requires enthusiasm, excitement, a little bit of courage and definitely confidence.  But it seems like whenever you talk about […]

The Golden Ratio & Environmental Sustainability

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There are certain rules of thumb in nature that can inform our own understanding of sustainability and environmental impact.  One of the most notable is the Golden Ratio.  The Golden Ratio speaks to a common scaling factor of approximately 1.61 for both the physical form and resource flows in our natural world. The Golden Ratio […]

How Market Power has Boosted Sustainability

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Being a large corporation can have its advantages and disadvantages when faced with the world’s environmental challenges. Historical criticisms have been that large corporations are a step removed from the local and therefore tend to be buffered from local environmental, social and economic challenges.   The tides are changing, however. Technological improvements have played a role […]

Tackling Climate Change Through Six Degrees of Separation

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You may have heard the phrase “six degrees of separation,” which commonly refers to how many people maximum separate you from a famous actor like Kevin Bacon, or any other person you don’t know.  It turns out this same principle is true for other kinds of networks as well.  Ecosystems, communities, and economies are all […]

10 Strategies for Identifying Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals in Your Products

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by Joanna Malaczynski EcoValuate has spent nearly a year talking to companies, non-profits, and regulators regarding hazardous chemicals, safer alternatives, and green chemistry. We learned that most companies are craving information about safer alternatives to chemicals of concern in their products. We have identified ten strategies for identifying safer alternatives. I have roughly ordered these […]

Chemicals of Concern in Consumer Products — Where Are They?

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by Joanna Malaczynski EcoValuate surveyed a large portion of the chemicals on California’s Safer Consumer Product Regulations initial candidate chemicals of concern list and found that many of them are widely used across industries for a given or multiple related functions. A hypothetical chemical used as a building block for a plastic coating, for example, […]

California Regulatory Update

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by Joanna Malaczynski In March 2014, California DTSC issued its draft regulatory list of product-chemical combinations under the Safer Consumer Product Regulations.  The list will likely be finalized in early 2015.  At that time, companies who need to replace the chemical of concern in their product with an alternative will be required to submit an alternatives analysis report.  […]